It's a Wrap! Sculptypaint with Celestia

sculptyblog1.jpgIt was a small, but enthusiastic crowd that met beside the sandbox for this week’s Wednesday Workshop. Second in a series of workshops conducted by myself (Celestia Cazalet) to introduce SL residents to RL tools that make building easier.

This workshop covered the remarkable 3D program, Sculptypaint, which was created by SL resident, Cel Edman. This program allows you to build a 3D object in RL, then bring it into real life in the form of a sculpted prim.

What is a sculpted prim? Regular “prim” objects can sometimes actually be mansculptyblog3.jpgy prims linked together to create the desired shape for furniture, flowers, sculptures, stairs, you name it. With sculpted prims, the prim takes the shape of a map of sorts that has been created in an outside program and brought in world.

In this workshop, we started off by learning how to make a flower. You can see Knowclue Kidd’s beautiful creation here. Then we experimented with dropping random textures into sculpted prims and finding out what we got

sandboxsculpty_003.jpgPetlove had this dramatically beautiful prim lurking in a texture file in her inventory.

As always, you can download the powerpoint presentation I used below. It doesn’t tell you everything I said, but you may be able to work your way through the program with it. My goal for these workshops is to encourage everyone to run with it! Try making your own wonderful creations. Experiment with dropping files you already have in your inventory sandboxsculpty_004.jpgand see what comes of it. The picture below is the result of me dropping the file from one of my slides into a sculpted prim. Have fun with this awesome venue of creativity!

Download the powerpoint here: Sculptypaint Powerpoint.


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  1. Benilda said:

    I am hoping you can hlep me. I downloaded Sculptypaint and it is so easy to use but, it does not have the save as 128*128 feature. Can you tell me how to get this?
    Thank you,

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