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“I <3 Discovery”

September is jam packed full of events that can provide you with invaluable tools for your class.  Virtual to in-person, I guarantee there’s an event just for you.  Live in the Midwest?  Then, you must come to our Midwest Regional Conference.  Space is limited and we’re almost at capacity, so register below soon.

 Upcoming Events

Virtual – Webinars(Click Below to Register)

September 10 7:00pm EST – Discovery Education streaming: New Features and Benefits with Justin Karkow

September 15  7:00pm EST – Discovery Education streaming: Getting the Ball Rolling with Mike Bryant

September 16 7:00pm EST – DEN State of the Union Address

September 17 7:00pm EST – EdTechConnect featuring Tim Magner

September 23 8:00am EST – 8:00pm EST – 3rd Annual Streamathon!

September 30 7:oopm EST – Boot Camp: Basic DE streaming

 In-Person DEN Events

September 15 – Consolidated School Districts DE Science Event, St. Louis, MO

September  20 – 21:  Midwest Regional Conference, Glen Ellyn, IL

September 27 – Milwaukee Public Schools in Cooperation with CESA #1 Day of Discovery, Milwaukee, WI


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