Shuffle Thyself!

Okay so it is the new school year and as many DE streaming educators go back to school – some are returning to brand new or different schools.

If this story rings true to you, you might be asking yourself how can you bring your DE streaming username/password to your new school?

Well one way is to shuffle yourself from one school to another.  In the past this required someone with administrative access to do all of the heavy lifting.   But that’s not the case anymore!  Over the summer we made a number of improvements.

One improvement was the automated shuffle feature.  Now any of you and your colleagues can shuffle yourselves from one school to another in five easy steps.  They are as follows:

  1. Go to
  2. Click on the Passode Login tab
  3. Enter your new school’s passcode
  4. Enter in your existing DE streaming username/password
  5. Click on the login box

And that’s it!  Pretty simple right?

Here is a link to the Geekybird PowerPoint that walks you through the steps above – screenshot by screenshot – Shuffle Thyself!

Please share this information with your peers and have a great school year!


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