Next Vista

Last July, as part of my NECC summary, I mentioned sitting in on two of Rushton Hurley’s sessions. As the school year starts up, it seems like a good idea to elaborate on what you can learn and share at Next Vista. But first, let me share their own explanation of what they are about:

An online library of free videos for learners everywhere – find resources to help you learn just about anything, meet people who make a difference in their communities, and even discover new parts of the world. And Next Vista for Learning wants to post your educational videos online, too. Everyone has an insight to share and yours may be just what some student or teacher somewhere needs!

They have three categories:
Light Bulbs is the how-to section. Want to know something? Have you learned something you’d like to pass along to others? Rushton’s latest email update even has fun comparing what and how you can learn math through student produced videos on NextVista, YouTube, and TeacherTube. Use their math “smackdown” survey to vote for your favorite.
Global Views strives to show students around the world just how close they really are. Students produce videos introducing not just their country, but their home community. Four of the seven continents have pieces so far
Seeing Service highlights good deeds going on around the world. Watch and be inspired. Add your own and do some inspiring.

Unlike many of the contests and festivals I write about here, there is no deadline or prizes – just a good opportunity to learn and share.


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