Nostalgia and Ad Awards

I find that the deeper I get into retirement, the more nostalgic I get for the classroom and coaching. It has been a real blessing that I have been able to keep a foot in the water between working with Discovery, presenting for Apple, working with schools and districts, and teaching a course for Wilkes University. But as my last day of school fades into memory and my baby granddaughter’s first day draws closer, the beginning of September brings a strange mix of feelings.
So, it was with great delight I traded emails with a former high school soccer player today. We have kept in touch the last few years because he is still in the area and he found out I had moved from teaching Spanish and coaching into an AV/Media position. Coincidentally, he was working for the Clio Awards that honors creative advertising in all media and does so internationally. I jumped on that (and him) right away and got him to volunteer and round up other volunteer judges for our local Chicago area media festival. He and his colleagues accepted the challenge and have been giving our student entrants quality evaluations for a number of years now.
Today’s email informed me that he had become the director of the Clio Awards and wanted to thank me and the many other fine teachers he had encountered at our school, “I have to give credit to the great education and drive I received from you and other educators at West. It provided me with the skill-sets necessary to succeed and advance out here in the real world.  I sincerely mean that. Thank you again.” That will easily last me til next September, and far beyond…
You should visit the Clio Awards site and see what gets recognized around the world as quality digital/mini storytelling. Check the student work for sure, especially the “Snap” ad for Iberia and the PSA’s on global warming. That is the kind of story your students can tell in a minute or less and with very little technical expertise. Just a little bit of a caveat here though, I haven’t looked at all of the commercial entries for 2008, but I know from past experience that some of the international ads might be considered “R” rated by U.S. standards. Caveat spectator! And have a great school year!


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  1. Sheryl A. McCoy said:

    To hear from a former student is a wonderful experience, and to include them in your current activities helps bring them up to speed in your adult world. It seems to me that this type of experience validates your worthwhile efforts as a teacher.

    I enjoyed reading this story, and I will check out the links. Thanks for sharing.

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