DEN+Wilkes University = Empowered 21st Century Teachers

The Discovery Educator Network and Wilkes University have partnered to create an innovative and exciting Masters of Education degree program in Instructional Media.

(copied from the Wilkes University website)

The online master of science degree in instructional media is a joint effort of Wilkes University and Discovery Education. This 30-credit program in instructional media will prepare teachers to engage today’s students in learning through digital media. It will train teachers to become specialists who can effectively blend academic rigor with the latest technology, from video to Web 2.0 to virtual field trips.

The course of study couples advanced online resources and delivery methods with the very best in instructional media, content and training. Nationally known educational leaders, including Kathy Schrock, are helping to shape the course content.

The program consists of 21 credits of foundation and general pedagogy courses and 9 credits of electives.

Lance posted some really exciting information about DEN-only sections of some of the courses:

As many of you know, Discovery Education and Wilkes University are collaborating on a fully online, 30 credit Master of Science degree in Instructional Media with courses designed by some familiar names…Kathy Schrock, Joe Brennan, Steve Dembo, and Lance Rougeux (yes, I realize that is shameless, self-promotion).

What you probably don’t know yet is that based on the really positive feedback and strong interest from the DEN, Wilkes University has agreed to create some “DEN only” sections in the program. So, you could take the Digital Storytelling class with a whole cohort of STAR DEs or connect with your DEN colleagues in a special section of the Digital Media in the Classroom course (which btw, I hear is phenomenal).

Right now there will be enough room for up to 100 DEN members to register but we’ve had a lot more educators than that let us know they are interested. Get your registration in now!


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