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I learn so much through my microblog network (Twitter, Plurk, Jaiku, etc.) Yet, there hasn’t really been a safe way to bring students into the microblogging world. Until now . . .

Welcome to the official launch of Edmodo! Here are some facts about Edmodo from their About page.

What is Edmodo?

Edmodo is a private microblogging platform developed for use in the classroom by teachers and students. Edmodo provides teachers and students the ability to share notes, links, and files to foster communication inside and outside of the classroom. Teachers also have the ability to post alerts, assignments, and events to share with their students.

Who runs Edmodo?

Currently Edmodo is owned, operated, & funded by Jeff O’Hara & Nic Borg.

Jeff is a network administrator/webmaster for Community Unit School District 200 in Wheaton, Illinois. He also blogs at http://blog.zemote.com/.

Nic is the webmaster/web developer for Kaneland Community Unit School District 302 in Maple Park, Illinois.

They have additional Q&A posted on their FAQs page.  Edmodo posts status and network updates on Tumblr.

Users can register as a Teacher or as a Student. Though, students can only register with a code provided to them by a teacher who has created an account.

Edmodo has some terrific potential for classroom use (that is, if it is not blocked by district filters.)

I would love to hear from teachers who plan to use the service with their students this year.

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