Catchup on sleep now, because the Streamathon is coming!

Here at Discovery Education, people are doing daily calisthenics, stocking up on coffee and preparing I.V.’s full of Red Bull.  And that can only mean one thing…  The third annual Discovery Education streamathon is coming!This year’s streamathon features presentations by all your favorite members of the DEN team, from Hall Davidson to Lance Rougeux, and each of our expert DEN Account Managers.  They’ll be sharing a series of information-packed sessions on how to integrate the newest online technologies used by today’s media-savvy students into classroom instruction. Among the topics slated for presentation are an introduction to streaming media, tips and tricks for integrating digital media with popular Web 2.0 websites, and strategies for incorporating free movie making tools and multi-media PowerPoint presentations into curricula. On September 23rd, from 9AM EDT until 9PM EDT, we’ll be sharing a new presentation every hour on the hour.  Learn about integrating video into Powerpoint during your free period.  See how to integrate Web 2.0 into the Builders over lunch.  Share the latest in digital storytelling techniques with your colleagues in the teachers lounge.  Come for 1 hour or spend the entire day with us!  We heard reports from some STARs last year that they set up a projector in an empty classroom, supplied coffee and donut holes and invited teachers to drop in throughout the entire event.  Any way you cut it, it’s a wonderful way chance to learn some new skills, collaborate with your peers and celebrate the new school year with Discovery Education! Click here to register for the event


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  1. Nancy said:

    Will we need a telephone or will the audio be available through the computer speakers? This is major if I have a room full of teachers and only one phone! Thanks.

  2. admin said:

    Phones will NOT be necessary. All the audio will be going through your computer speakers!

  3. yvonne said:


    Great site!!!!! Sleep is very important. It helps your body repair its self for the next day. Sllep, the right diet, execise and water is necessary good health and well-being. Being a cancer survior my health is my greatest asset and more precious than anything.

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