What's in Your Backpack/Briefcase?

 I just read a great idea, “Back to School Back Pack” from A to Z Teacher Stuff.

http://www.atozteacherstuff.com/pages/837.shtml.  The poster suggests bringing in their own back pack to show students a little bit about themselves.  We all carry so much stuff.  But can you really tell something/anything/a lot about someone from what’s in their back pack?  I’d love to see what you carry in your briefcase or back pack.  Here’s mine.  I did not add or subtract anything from my day.




So here’s my list:

2 new books from our meeting

The packet of Funding Factory brochures from our meeting

Assorted cat5e cables (you never know what size you’ll need)

Assorted chargers

Memory sticks

Nokia tablet

Work laptop

Tech kit (data cables, hub, minimouse, etc)

 Two of my necklaces (Betty Boop and Angel wings)


Well I guess that does give you a pretty accurate picture of me.  Techie equipment, books to further my learning, and two necklaces which give a snapshot into my personality.


 So, what do you have in your backpack/tote/briefcase?


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  1. Nancy said:

    1. Kodak M753 digital camera (in purple, of course! LOL) so I’m ALWAYS prepared to take a picture
    2. Acer Aspire One (the cutest netbook in sapphire blue) – if you don’t know about it, go check it out. Available at Best Buy for ~$350. 1 GB, 120 hard drive, built-in webcam, 3 usb ports — SWEET! (plus the charger)
    3. Sony 8 GB flashdrive for when I need to take something off of someone else’s computer
    4. iTouch – can’t use the iPhone since the service in my area doesn’t exist, so I can listen to ed tech podcasts on my long drives home (PDtoGo being my favorite!)
    5. Digital Voice Recorder – my best thinking occurs while driving and since I haven’t yet mastered the art of driving and writing, I can easily pull out my voice recorder and chat away, it’s also helpful as I walk around my school and teachers/students ask me things (I tend to forget the moment my back is turned)
    6. Assorted pens (preferably purple or green) to jot notes
    7. I’m still a ‘hard copy’ kinda girl and rely on my red pebbled leather Levenger 6 x 9 folio. It holds an agenda (monthly overview & weekly breakdown), a small legal pad to jot & doodle, slits for papers (that I tend to forget) & a zippered compartment to hold important papers.

    And of course, my green DEN water bottle!!!

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