Google Chrome- or How many posts can I write about browsers?

After recent posts about Firefox capabilities and tricks, as well as Microsoft’s latestversion of Internet Explorer, I thought it would be appropriate to provide a link to Google’s latest venture into the browser world. Check out “Google Chrome” here. They have some nifty new features not found in other browsers, like the ability to add application shortcuts and open them within your browser. Check out their YouTube tutorials for more info. Sorry to all our Mac friends, they are still working on a flavor for you 🙁

~Dave Kootman


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  1. admin said:

    Does it get your seal of approval? I tried it for about a week, and while I do like how it behaves on the whole, the lack of certain features/plugins prevents me from using it full time. However, other features (taskbar, tabs-to-windows) are truly incredible.

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