Networking 101 – Reach for the STARs

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Education Week published an article today as part of their ongoing series on Curriculum and Teachers. The article highlights the Discovery Educator Network and features numerous DEN STARs.

Here are a few highlights:

“We have a user group that’s very passionate about the product,” said Mr. Kinney. “But we want to bring everybody up [to a higher level of technology usage]. So we try to find one or two passionate teachers in each school. We then support the heck out those teachers, because when they stand up in front of their colleagues and share what they’ve learned, it’s that much more powerful.”

“On my own, it was very difficult getting started using technology in my classroom, but when I started reaching out to other people, it wasn’t so overwhelming,” said Heather Sullivan, a teacher and technology facilitator at Manalapan High School in Freehold, N.J. “If you can convince teachers to let you show them a few strategies, and they see that it is doable and can be fun, you start to win them over.”

To read more [and, shamelessly, see some of my quotes] check out the complete article online.

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  1. Hall Davidson said:

    Nice article and an well-deserved spotlight on great educators (and DEN members!). And a great cut and paste for “How I Spent My Summer Vacation.”

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