Finding Funds

I know many of you are struggling with finding enough hardware to support the media projects you’d like to engage your students with. So here are a couple of quick tips on funding sources:

Best Buy’s Teach Awards will be distributing up to $2 million in $1-5,000 increments. Apply by October 12th. I got to spend a day with a district that won their $250,000 grant last year.

Tech&Learning magazine has a site with links to grants in addition to a few articles on funding opportunities.

Donors Choose lets you post your proposal and benefactors contribute to make it a reality. And speaking of that style of funding, you can be a venture capitalist yourself by investing in third world small businesses at


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  1. Traci Blazosky said:

    Hello Joe… I’m in your Digital Storytelling class this term. Just wanted to add that I submitted a Donor’s Choose proposal in April… and was fully funded in 2 weeks! I was sooooo excited! Our class received an 80G Video Ipod and Belkin Tunetalk. Very Exciting!

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