It's a Wrap – New Discoveries for a New School Year


What an amazing workshop by Augustine Writer!  Before I get into the wrap-up, let me just say that Lor and I met up with Augustine on Tuesday to get him set up with a Zebra presenter, helped him upload his slides, showed him how to put his slides in the presenter, got him a DEN t-shirt, and set him up with voice.  All I can say is that this is one fast learner! 

Augustine started off by showing us the new view of Discovery Education’s portal/hub.  And wouldn’t you know it?  The new ‘poster child’ is none other than our very own Justin Karkow!  Check out the ‘Home Resources’ tab along the top.  You might want to share that gem with your parents at Open House.  The ‘Home Resources’ provides parents and students with resources they can easily access without the use of a username/password.  Check out all it has to offer.

I was busy listening, taking pictures, and writing notes (there’s GOT to be a way to ‘capture’ voice in SL — my life was sooooo much easier when it was all chat based and I could grab the transcript! LOL) so here are the highlights of the workshop:

  • If you’re doing training, there’s now a ‘Get Started: Step-by-Step’ that you’ll want to direct your participants to
  • If you’re a STAR DEN Educator (and if you’re not, what are you waiting for???) you will have access to MediaShare
  • DEN has partnered with Wilkes University and this fall they are offering two graduate level courses: Digital Media in Education and Digitial Storytelling
  • Be on the look-out in your e-mail in-boxes for the Friday weekly updates
  • There are new titles in D.S. – Time Warp Trio, Bonehead Detectives, and Grosslology (just to name a few)
  • By the end of 2008 there will be an additional 1,000 titles added
  • In the Builders section of the website you can now add up to three items to the Writing Prompt and all prompts now allow the embedding of web 2.0 widgets into the Builders
  • Other things to look for in the redesigned website: Live Chat, Buddy Lists, and Forum Avatars

You can view the slideshow here.



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