Pump Up the Volume: Auditory Learning & DE streaming

Song Stats

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Song Stats.001.jpg  &  I_See_an_Elephant_in_the_Sky.mp3

Interest in this came right from my PLN via Plurk, Twitter and the blogs.   I saw a quick post that linked me to an unusual flickr group, not that an unusual flickr group is that hard to find, but this is something that makes perfect sense: SONG CHART.    The majority of images in this group are charts/graphs showing data from various songs.  Take the example I created above.   I took a song from DE streaming, “I See an Elephant in the Sky” by Twin Sisters, listened to the lyrics and created a graph that highlights some of the data in the song.  This is a great way to introduce the importance of graphs by illustrating a use outside of the norm.   Would love some feedback on this.  Have you ever used graphs this way?  If you’ve used this with your students, how’d it go? 


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