Got Too Many Profiles? AtomKeep will help

snag-0056.jpg There’s plenty of sites that will allow you to update dozens of your social sites at once (,, which is handy to broadcast your messages all over the social web.  However, what’s more difficult is maintaining each of those different sites and ensuring that your information is accurate!  How many profiles do you have that have an old URL for your blog?  Or don’t have your current job listed?  Or even your corret marital status!  Yes, that has happened to me.

AtomKeep attempts to rectify that problem.   It supports a laundry list of sites including Twitter, Ning, Plurk, Technorati, Linked In, Facebook, Digg, Flickr, YouTube and more.  Noticeably absent is MySpace.  Whenever you add one of these sites, you have the option of importing the information there or merging it with your existing information.  From then on, you’ll be able to sync that information across all of those social sites.

For example, LinkedIn is one of the few sites that I really make it a priority to keep as up to date as possible.  So when I added it to AtomKeep, I specified that i wanted the information in LinkedIn to overwrite any other profile information I had.  Then, by clicking the sync button, you can sync up that information to any or all of the sites you have profiles on.  Some sites have information that’s unique to that site and you can update that within AtomKeep as well.I tried this and it works great!

Possibly too well though.  For example, I keep my professional photo on LinkedIn, but use an image of my son on Twitter as my avatar.  When I sync’ed up, it overwrote my Twitter avatar and replaced it with my professional headshot.  It also overwrote my bio, replacing it with what I use on LinkedIn.  Not a big deal, but you have to remember that when you click sync, it’s gonna sync ALL your information! I wouldn’t mind have the ability to opt out of certain fields I guess, but on the whole I think the benefits outweight the issues.

So if the madness of trying to keep up with your social sites has you pulling your hair out at the roots, give AtomKeep a try.  It has helped me stop feeling like I have multiple personalities and get back to being just one person with a few accounts.


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  1. Karen Ceh said:

    I’m new to social networks like Ning and Twitter. I can easily see how, over time, it could be very difficult and time consuming maintaining profiles on multiple social sites. AtomKeep seems like a great solution. I will bookmark this site for future reference. Thanks! By the way, do you know of any sites that allow one to manage multiple social networks? I use Ning to manage all the Ning networks I belong to, but I’d love to use one that will allow me to include Twitter, too.

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