Phweet: When 140 characters just isn’t conversation enough

Warning: This site is pretty raw still, but it seems to function as advertised in my testing.

Ever start having a great conversation on Twitter and realize that you have WAY more to say than you can fit into 140 characters?  Or that you’re going back and forth with somebody, and you’d be better of just… TALKING to them.  Well, that’s where Phweet means to step in.

When you boil it down, it is basically YackPack announced on Twitter, combined with a handy permalink and message board.  Phweets can be 1:1 and sent directly to somebody, or they can be open to the general public.  In fact, a non-directed Phweet can even hang around and exist after the host has left the room.  Anybody who joins in will be able to talk directly to each other.  I’m not sure how many people it supports.

The owner of the Phweet can approve people joining or set the site to auto approve incoming people.  You can also kick people out if things get too heated.  Combine that with message board support and you have a nice little system for turning a disjointed series of tweets into an actual conversation.

I’m not sure just how widespread this one is going to become, but I love the idea and it worked just fine in my test. I’m impressed to say the least and recommend that you  keep this one handy.  If you use Twitter, you’ll know when it’s time to break it out.



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