Texas Considers GPA Change

I woke up this morning and opened Twitter to see what was up in the education world and found a tweet posted by Unklar about something I thought I’d share with other Texas educators.

There is a proposal to change how GPA is calculated in Texas. The changes would include removing classes like band and fine arts from the calculation and removing the extra credit students receive for pre-AP courses. The proposal would continue allowing extra credit for AP, IB, and dual-credit courses. Take a look at the article and tell us what you think. Read the article HERE.


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  1. Hank Caruso said:

    Texas is trying to decrease the dropout rate so why do they want to penalize the AP students. AP credit also helps parents financially as it allows students to finish college in less time.

  2. Tammy Burns said:

    Thank you for linking this article. I have shared with my counselors. Most of them were aware of this being discussed about. In a way I understand the thought behind it if it is because of the 4×4 and students being unable to take as many electives. Therefore it would cause them to focus in one area, finally being able to get that creadit in an upper level elective course such as AP Art.

    However, I think this move would kill many of the programs. Yes, students should take a class because they want to learn about that topic, or be challenged. However, in real life, this is not why they take them. They take them because of the GPA boost because they will do whatever it takes to be in the top 10% of the class. Instead what we will be seeing is students taking regular English so that they will not have to do as much until their Senior year. By then, they will not be prepared and we will see a serious drop in AP scores and more students failing those types of classes because they are not ready for the course load.

  3. Joli Brock said:

    The standards are the same. The pace at which a student learns these standards should not matter. I understand the benefit of AP advancing students into college, but to say that a student who is accomplishing success on the same standards yet at a slower pace should not be given the same recognition as another at the AP level is unfounded. If our state would evaluate its standards and pedagogy and encourage teachers to remain ahead of the nation in professional development and instructional quality, it would not matter. The fear is if teachers have the same attitude as this high school student, our students in regular education classes will be slighted and that would be the disgrace. Our state educational system should be revamped. Education majors in college should face a much more rigorous educational plan than they do, and becoming a teacher should be much more competitive. The government should pay teachers more but hold them to a higher standard. It should be our priority to make sure EVERY child in our public school system is given the highest quality, 21st century style learning opportunities regardless of the title of the class he/she is taking.

  4. Joseph Roman said:

    Anyone using the Discovery Techbook, our schools textbook are soooo outdated I am trying to push digital but would like some feedback

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