Teach 21st Century Skills or Fail

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I thought that the message would resonate particularly powerfully among Discovery Educators.

That is the take-away message from a new report released by the Partnership for 21st Century Skills.

eSchoolNews reported today

“The report, called “21st Century Skills, Education, and Competitiveness,” argues that for the United States to be globally competitive–and for states to attract growth industries and create jobs–the nation requires a fresh approach to education that recognizes the critical role 21st-century skills play in the workplace.”

“It has become apparent that there isn’t a lack of employees who are technically proficient, but a lack of employees who can adequately communicate and collaborate, innovate, and think critically,” said Ken Kay, P21 president.

As the world continues to shift from an industrial economy to a service economy driven by information, knowledge, and innovation, cultivating 21st-century skills is vital to economic success, the report states.

You can download the entire report here or check out all the reports, studies, and white papers published by P21.

My question is this: are any of our political candidates addressing this when talking about their strategies for securing the U.S. economy?

It makes me think of the questions posed towards the end of the Did You Know / Shift Happens video.

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