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I saw this service mentioned on my Plurk feed and had to test it out.

Jog the Web is a free application that lets registered users create a Track to share. What’s a Track? It’s basically a guided tour of a sequence of websites that allows the creator to include comments about each site. The image of the websites in the Tracks are live (i.e. users can click on web links and interact with the content on the site.) It is a little like Diigo’s WebSlides feature, but a bit more targeted; the user does not need to first create a list of bookmarks.

You simply list all the URLs and associate to each URL the comment you want to make for the page.Once you have entered all the URLs and comments, you save the track which has its own URL. The visitors who follow your Track (simply clicking on the track’s URL, like for any web page) will then go from page to page according to the order you chose and read under each page the comment you posted. Your visitors can also launch the slideshow and sit back and view automatically each page one after the other.

This is what the Track creation interface looks like. You see an image of your URL in the main window and, at the bottom, you can add comments about the site. In the lower right you can reorder your sites as necessary.

It took me about 5 minutes to create this Track. It is a tour of our new Staff Development website.

I can envision Jog the Web being used by teachers to take their students on a virutal tour of the Internet. Or, by librarians showcasing the subscription databases available in their libraries or taking students through the process of using the online card catalogue. It can be a simple and fast way to create tutorials for online applications.

If only you could embed your Tracks as widgets . . . maybe that feature will be coming soon.

So, why not take a jog and share it?

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