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Sept 17_003

No, that’s not a tobacco product in Cel’s mouth…it’s a piece of straw! LOL

I’m fluent in three languages and can survive (read: eat & shop) in a fourth.  I won’t date myself by recalling the days in college when we ‘did’ computers by writing lines of code on individual cards which the professor took to some mysterious location downtown and the following week would return with a print out (if we were lucky…if not, we got our cards back – let’s just say I saved A LOT of trees back then! LOL).  When Celestia proposed this workshop I broke out in a sweat.  And then I thought of a zillion excuses not to be in-world.  BOY, am I glad I decided to take the plunge!


Cel has a great way of introducing new content and then gently easing you into it and tonight was no exception.  She told us about Linden Scripting Language, which is the script that allows objects to do what they do in Second Life.  She suggested visiting Bromley College where we could progress through some excellent tutorials.  She then shared an online tool, Autoscript, that writes scripts for one action at a time and you can choose to combine scripts you create to develop more complex actions.  What makes Autoscript valuable is that the creators have allowed you to copy and tweak the scripts without fear of copyright infringement.


and then she crashed…….

…yes, she did.  So if you can add to this post please do so in the ‘Comments’ section below.




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  1. Celestia Cazalet said:

    I crashed? Actually, we all left the auditorium and went out to the sandbox where we tried our hand at actually putting the scripts into prims and trying them out. It was a fun time, as usual, and I hope that the three-workshop series has prompted lots of our DEN members to go out there and be creative! I’d love to see some of our members’ creations all over the DEN HQ – and, if there is interest, maybe we can start an informal evening or weekend afternoon of just hanging out in the sandbox – buiding, scripting, and learning from each other. If you’re interested, send me an im!

  2. Nancy Sharoff said:

    No, Cel….YOU didn’t crash…I did! LOL I was doing my ‘Roving Reporter’ reporting on a MS Word document and when I got back to Second Life I noticed that the auditorium was empty and knew I need to get down to the sandbox. I arrived to see people rezzing objects and then POOF!!! and just as I was getting my shot set up to take.

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