Web 2.0 Wednesday – Block Poster


Have you ever wanted a giant poster of a great photo? If you answered yes to this question, then you are probably familiar with how expensive it is. For example at Snapfish a 16×20 poster will cost you $14.99, that’s a lot of money. As an educator I am always looking for ways to find free resources that can help me in my job.

I came across Block Posters while browsing thorough Stephanie Affield’s Diigo links. Stephanie is the MO DEN LC Chair.

Block Posters tag line is: create any size wall posters from any size images
Totally Free To Use! 

You can create posters in three easy steps. 1. Choose a photo 2. Decide on the size 3. Download and print the PDF. Check out this Jing to see how easy it really is. Be sure to check out the gallery to see what people have done.



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  1. Margaret Frick said:

    Thanks for the tip Heather. This will be very useful with American Memory photographs.

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