Webinar Archive: Tim Magner’s School 2.0

On Tuesday, Tim Magner kicked off this year’s EdTechConnect series in grand style by speaking about School 2.0. As the Director of the Office of Educational Technology, Tim coordinates the development and implementation of the DOE’s technology policies. If you missed the webinar, you can watch the archive of it here! The volume is a little low, so I reccomend you use headphones to listen to it. Also, while the slides are hard to read through the flash interface, you can download the presentation here to view it full screen.

FYI, we are using a new method to publish our webinar archives. It’s Discovery Education MediaShare, a web based content sharing platform that can be used for so much more than just sharing videos. However it also does that rather well, so we’ll be using it throughout the year to get our archives published much more rapidly. What do you think of the new format?


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  1. Mary St. John said:

    This archive didn’t work very well on my MacBook Pro. The small version couldn’t be read very well and the link that was supposed to give me a full sized version gave me a small one with a button that let it go to full size that it was so pixelated that it couldn’t be read at all. I was very disappointed. In Alaska it’s often much easier to watch the archives because of time differences. Please help!

    Mary St. John
    Educational Technology
    Anchorage School District

  2. admin said:

    Turns out I shared the wrong link to download the video! Thanks for letting me know. It has been fixed now.

  3. peggy mcgraw said:

    Thought the seminar was great but I wish you did it in 2 days. I have been logged on since it started and I am fading but I don’t want to miss anything.

  4. Gloria Yakes said:

    This is a terrific amount of information and I truly appreciate all of the effort that so apparently went into this day. I wish it was not on a school day. I really could not begin to listen until the kids left because I needed to be teaching. Thanks for the wealth of information though!

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