Teaching Forensics

The students have been begging me for a CSI-like class, so this fall I started teaching forensics.  I needed the students to become familiar with forensic science before we started analyzing a crime scene, so I made a PowerPoint embedded with resources from Streaming and DESC.  I plan on pulling other video clips and articles for each test the students will analyze – chromatography, toxicology, fingerprinting, hand-writing analysis, etc..



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  1. ldaughrity said:


    I hope you take the opportunity to make a movie using the CSI theme as well. I can’t remember where I saw it, but I think it was AFI that had the great CSI movie by science students. If you need me to find the movie let me know and I will. It would be a great project to incorporate in with this type of teaching! I am glad to hear you are teaching the kids in such an engaging way. They will not forget it!

    Lea Anne

  2. David said:

    Hi Emma

    You might want to take at the website All About Forensic Science (http://www.all-about-forensic-science.com/). In addition to covering all of the major forensic specialties, it has some dedicated CSI pages and a science for kids page which showcases the best science resources aimed at children and younger students; most of which have great resources for teachers as well.

    All the best


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