Kentucky Educational Television Continues Commitment to Providing State Educators and Students High-Quality Digital Media

KET EncycloMedia, a partnership between KET and the Kentucky Department of Education, offers teachers and students more than 5,000 videos, 50,000 video clips and thousands of digital images, all searchable by keyword, content area, grade level, and Kentucky academic standards.

KET is Kentucky’s most accessible and comprehensive educational institution, and a leading example of how statewide public television can work with education systems to improve teachers’ skills and students’ learning. KET’s top-notch P-12 educational resources – all aligned to Kentucky academic standards – are used by 97% of Kentucky public schools. KET also produces and delivers Kentucky-focused arts, cultural, documentary, and public affairs productions, as well as PBS programming, adult education programs and college-credit courses to viewers throughout Kentucky and in parts of seven surrounding states.


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  1. Cathy Lee said:

    During the seminar in Petal, you shared how to “really embed” in PowerPoint. With the new version that we have, that process didn’t work. We have asked everyone we knew to as and finally figured it out. I don’t know where to share this information. Let me know where to share this so that you can add it to your 50 ways to use United Streaming PowerPoint!!

  2. Sharon Ackerley said:

    I am looking for your archived seminar from the streamathon. I would like to show it to my teachers

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