Our Virtual/Real Life


How often do you get the opportunity to have a foot in both worlds?  On September 21st at the DEN MidWest Regional Conference, some of you got to do just that.  JessieMarie (Anne Truger) and Lor (Lori Abrahams) put a call out to head in to the DEN in SL on Sunday morning to help out with a presentation being done in real life on Second Life (are you still following? LOL).  So a bunch of us headed on in and were projected onto the large screen at the DEN MidWest.  What was great was having some in-world who were also at the DEN conference — thanks to them we were kept apprised of what was being shown and said.  For those of you sitting in the multimedia center we hope the ‘teaser’ will entice you to come and join us in-world.  Remember, just give a shout out (yes, even in the ‘Comments’ section below) and we’ll make sure to pair you up with someone to make your transition into Second Life a smooth one.


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  1. Emilia Cornwall said:

    It was fun to join in and be an ‘extra’ for the crowd scene at the DEN. I hope it was well received by the conference attendees, and they will take the leap into SL. If you come in, please also stop in and visit with us at the Senior Project® building diagonally across from the DEN. I appreciate all that the DEN has to offer educators, and there is so much more to explore on all the EduIslands and beyond. Hope to meet you soon!

  2. Anne Bender said:

    I read this blog in the DEN. I have learned a little about SL, but I am really still a newbie. How can I find someone to help me become a little more comfortable in world? I found my way to EduIsland and even got a discovery jacket, but now I am kind of lost.

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