DEN Streamathon a Huge Success!


I was able to attend several of the sessions throughout today’s Streamathon.  Kudos to all the presenters!  The chat rooms were lively and folks were very appreciative of the fantastic professional development offered.  The sessions will be archived for later viewing on the DEN national blog.

I posted some of the web 2.0 tools that Steve Dembo demonstrated on my district’s technology integration website.    Check them out! This was probably my favorite session.

Participation in the streamathon doubled (or maybe even tripled) from previous years!

Question for those who were able to attend a portion of today’s streamathon:  What was one thing you learned about that will be useful in your classroom?


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  1. Eric Strommer said:

    Brad’s session on PowerPoint and DE Streaming had some cool ideas that will usefull. I love the way to add video controls to an enbedded video. Also, how to clean up the slide using an all black background. (So simple!)

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