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I was browsing resources that I found on TeachersFirst and came across this cool bookmaking tool.  Tikatok “is where kids transform their imaginations into stories – and publish those stories into books.” Kid’s can write a story, illustrate it and order actually hard copies of the book. There’s no cost to join the site and if parents want a printed copy, it can be purchased in hardcover or paperback for about $20.00.

Parents can register for an account and then create accounts for their children, but Tikatok also has an educator section that explains the value of storytelling. To register as a teacher visit the login page and use the teacher registration form. When you register as a teacher you can create accounts for the class that will use Tikatok. If you are planning to use Tikatok in multiple classes, you can create separate sections for each class from your Teacher’s Dashboard. There does seem to be a slight glitch when you register. After submitting it goes to a blank page. If you reload the page it says that your username is taken. Don’t redo the form. Go to your email and find the confirmation email. I kept redoing the form and I had 10 confirmation emails in my inbox. Once your confirm your registration then you can give your students the temporary username and password you set up and have them create an account.

With Tikatok students can write their story and upload their illustrations. What I like is that students can draw pictures and then scan them in. When the book is complete, you can share it by email, linking to it or embedding it in your blog or website. Check out the book I created using images from the DEN LC Institute. One note about embedding. If you want the codes to be active longer than 30 days, then you must make the books viewable by anyone.


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  1. Neal Grigsby said:

    Thanks for the great review of Tikatok and so sorry for the registration glitch. I wanted to let you and your readers know that the bug has been fixed – no more blank pages after registration. Thanks for helping bring it to our attention!

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