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    • Reduce global warming by taking quick & easy challenges.

      Compete with others in your area and around the world.
    • Over 490 teams of company colleagues, friends, and school-mates are competing now to lead the community in CO2 reduction!
    • Challenges are simple actions you can take to prevent climate change. A new Featured Challenge is published every few weeks.
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    • $400,000 in video software and hardware
    • This grant program is designed for teachers to use in multimedia courses as a structured curriculum to engage middle and high school students (grades 6-12) in the tools and techniques of professional video and audio production. 
    • Under the Community of the Future theme, students can share their vision of how technology will shape their neighborhoods in the years to come and are encouraged to interact with their local city council, mayor, city employees, community centers, or other groups to create their film.
    • Contestants are required to use the provided Vegas Pro 8 software to produce their videos, but all other creative details are up to the students’ own creativity. 
    • Every school that submits a qualifying “Call for Entries” form by Oct. 15, 2008, will receive film submission guidelines and a Technology in Motion launch kit. The kit will be mailed on December 1, 2008 and will include a free copy of Sony Vegas Pro 8 Promotional Edition video editing software, a free copy of Sony Cinescore Promotional Edition soundtrack creation software, free Sony Vegas Pro and Sony Cinescore video tutorials, 1,001 royalty-free, motion picture sound effects, an assortment of Cinescore themes for royalty-free soundtrack creation, and a free electronic copy of the Vegas Pro 8 Digital Video & Audio Production teaching guide.
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    • How virtual desktops will revolutionize personal computing
    • As technology becomes an integral part of a school district’s infrastructure, many schools are moving toward personalized instruction, where students get to learn at their own pace within the classroom environment. To accomplish true personalized learning, however,
      “we have to move beyond textbooks,” says Michael King, vice president of IBM’s global education industry. “And the PC, as it stands today, is the wrong model for that.” King points to the complexity of having thousands of computers throughout a school district. Between administering patches and software upgrades . . .

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