Put On Your Press Hat For Project Report

YouTube, in partnership with the Pulitzer Center has launched a new video contest that sounds interesting. This contest gives participants an opportunity to show their journalism skills and report on issues and individuals who are under-covered in today’s media. The first round of the contest requires entrants to produce a video about an individual in their community who they think the world should know about. Contest entries are due October 5. The individuals selected from those entries will have a second assignment – reporting about an issue of global importance.

 The contest is entitled Project Report. It is only open to those 18 and over, though, so only those students in high school who have reached the age of majority would be able to enter. However, I know there is a lot of great talent in the educators who are members of the DEN! Wouldn’t it be great for one of you to be the winner? For more information, click HERE.


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