StreamAthon Video Reposted – Quick Note

gizmozdownload_0001.jpgThe YouTube video of “Dino Dude’s ‘The People Whisper’” is now reposted in the entry below.  I had initially posted it with a limit of 25 views, which was a blunder.  It is now up for everyone.  And, no, I didn’t break YouTube.  :).  When it’s ready, I’ll also post the PowerPoint and step bystep walk through of “Ten Things You Didn’t Know You Could Do With Video (and Two You Did)” here.   For those, like me, who like handouts.  The StreamAthon was great.  I am going back myself to Webex for the sessions I missed!


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  1. Susan said:

    Help! I can’t get to this video. When I click on a boxed a rea with what looks like it will be a link at the bottom of the original post, it (the box) disappears, but nothing shows up instead. I’d really like to see it so I can play around with it.

    I also tried to get to your Ten Things ppt, but unless it has a different name in your handouts, I’m not seeing it.

    Finally, I was at IETC last week and you showed, briefly, the floating head. I’d like to try that, too!

    Seeing all your cool stuff but not being able to get to directions is like reading a great novel only to have the last chapter torn out! I could rewrite it, but why work that hard? I could spend days googling for your directions or rip-offs thereof, but why work that hard?

    Oh, I did find a chromakey hack for WMM after reading about it here. Very cool!


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