Is Education Killing Creativity?

People do their best when they’re doing something they love. In other words we all thrive most when we are in our “Element”. That’s the main idea behind Sir Ken Robinson’s book of the same name. He believes that most peoples real talents are usually deeply hidden & don’t reveal themselves on a regular basis – especially in the typical K-12 school environment. I hope you can take 20 minutes today to watch his video interview (below) with British reporter Riz Khan.

You can make anything interesting if you use creativity in your teaching!

Part 1


Part 2


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  1. Denise Steedle said:

    I totally agree with him. I witness on a daily basis what the mandates of curriculum, the “perfect” model of teaching cause to teachers and students. Sure I consider that it is important to teach the core subjects. However many teachers don’t even have time to bring something new into the classroom anymore. They are way too busy trying to follow the lessons and schedules imposed by the system (not counting getting acquainted with new instructional materials constantly added). There are also those who are afraid that their students might fail the test if they don’t follow all that they are told to do.

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