AFI Movie Review Challenge

Movie and book reviews are a great way for students to structure and share their opinons. Here’s a quick challenge for 13 to 18 year old any student (they removed the age restriction, but minors MUST have guardian’s permission) from the American Film Institute’s ScreenNation site – review a movie in three minutes or less and upload it by October 10th. BUT you can’t use any clips from the movie or any other copyrighted material. So, this will depend heavily on good writing and reasoning, and a little creativity recreating scenes that you would like to illustrate. The winner gets a Flip cam. Don’t forget to visit the ScreenNation Learn page for production tips. This contest is hosted by that new YouTube star, Lisa Nova.

And coming up next on this blog – we may not be able to see Russia from Illinois and there is at least one whole state (maybe two counting Michigan’s U.P.) between us and Canada, but we have three opportunities coming up for students to show off their movie makin’ skills.


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  1. Sheryl A. McCoy said:

    Thanks! I shared this information w/students, but they don’t have access to video cameras….even though they would like to win a video camera. I will try to build a bridge over the digital divide.

  2. Joe Brennan said:

    Do you have any still cameras that make movies? That would be just as good. Import those video files into iMovie and MovieMaker and nobody will ever know the difference.

  3. Bob Armour said:

    I came across your digital storytelling blog and find it quite interesting. I am the CMO of LifeSnapz (, a venture funded startup based in Chicago that is building a platform to enable the recording of history using the Web. We believe there is an educator/classroom use for our platform. I’d love the opportunity to talk to you and get your feedback on what we are doing. Thanks for your consideration.

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