Are You Reading?

That’s right….YOU!  Are YOU reading ‘Brain Rules’?  The DEN in SL Book Talk series will be held every Monday during the month of October on the book ‘Brain Rules’.

Three chapters each Monday.

And here’s what we would like you to bring to the table (so to speak! LOL):  As you read the book (or for some of you, re-read it) try to keep in mind some places in Second Life that might support the underlying topic of the chapter and come prepared to share those SLurls with the rest of the group (or if you’re shy — guess that WOULD NOT apply to any in the DEN in SL group! LOL — feel free to share the SLurl with either Beth or myself and we’ll be sure to share it with the rest of the group).

October 6th:  Chapter 1 – Exercise, Chapter 2 – Survival, Chapter 3 – Wiring

October 13th:  Chapter 4 – Attention, Chapter 5 – Short-Term Memory, Chapter 6 – Long-Term Memory

October 20th:  Chapter 7 – Sleep, Chapter 8 – Stress, Chapter 9 – Sensory Integration

October 27th: Chapter 10 – Vision, Chapter 11 – Gender, Chapter 12 – Exploration

One week left, so START READING!!!


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  1. Ann Morgester said:

    What time is the discussion starting. I am in Alaska so my time frame is going to be a little different.



  2. Ann Morgester said:

    Ah, Sorry, I found it in the calendar post. 5pm SL time which will be 4pm alaska time.


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