Everybody Likes Free Stuff!

Looking for a way to get something for nothing?  OK, maybe that’s a bit much.  You actually have to do something to get these items from the DEN.  But, they do come to you free!

First, if you log into your DEN account and update your information (even if it hasn’t changed), you will be registered to receive a cool DEN Hydro Clock! It was a great reminder for me.  I have moved over the summer and forgot to update my mailing address.  I’m waiting on my clock now!

Second, the DEN has begun its latest recruitment drive for new STARs called The DENliest Catch.  All you have to do is recruit ONE NEW STAR.  That’s it!  Report your recruitment effort, and once they are official a STAR DEN member, you can choose among three different DVDs from Discovery.

Just click on the links in the section Kwouted below to get going.


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