Streamathon Archives

As requested by hundreds of people (literally), we have now posted the vast majority of the 2008 DE streamathon presentations as archives!  If you visit our streamathon page you’ll see that most of the presentations are now hyperlinked.  Click on a hyperlink and you will begin to download a high resolution archive of that presentation.  Each archive is about 100-200 MB so the downloads may take a little while.  However, we wanted to make sure we provided them to you in high resolution so you’d be able to see all the live demonstrations just as they happened the day of.

We hope that you enjoy attending sessions you couldn’t be at that day.  And if you learned something from a session, be sure to share it with your colleagues!  The more people that learn from these presentations, the better.

Don’t forget!  If you enjoyed the streamathon, you’ll love the other webinars we have to offer.  Visit our webinar registration page and see what suits your needs.  Hundreds of webinars are listed there, all of which are FREE and open to all educators!


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