I have been recommending this site for a few teachers around the school lately who want their own websites. In the past we were using publisher because it was the only web developer tool we had already loaded on our computers.With Weebly you can build your own site, upload it to the web, host it on Weebly’s servers. You can even embed video and audio clips. You can even embed web widgets with a simple copy and paste.The interface is very intuitive and easy to use. There are several templates to choose from and you can add your own pictures to add a personal touch to any template.The best part about this is that it is FREE. If you want you could upgrade to the pro version where you would have access to cool features like password protection on any page of your site. This could be a useful tool for embedding DE Streaming clips for students. They could simply go to your site, type in the class password and view the clips you would like them to watch. However, you could still create links to each clip and have them type in their Iowa AEA online password.Needless to say this is a great tool to build custom, quick, easy, and effective websites for personal or professional use.


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