Gentle Reminder – October 1st

Been hearing a lot about Second Life at the DEN Regional Conferences?  Heard about it from a friend?  FINALLY created an account and gotten yourself in-world?

WORKSHOP: Newbie 101

PRESENTER:  JessieMarie Flanagan

Do you have questions? Need help getting around in SL? Need some new hair or clothes? Come and join us as JessieMarie leads the way, with the assistance of the DEN Guides and other members of the DEN in SL Leadership Council.

SLips (Second Life Tips):

Tired of hearing the endless ‘click-clack’ing as your avatar chats away?  Did you know you can turn that sound off?  Simple as can be….:

1.  Ctrl-Alt-D

2.  You’ll see ^Client^ in your top menu.  Click on it.

3.  Select ^Debug Settings^.

4.  Where you see ‘Play Typing Anim’ change it to ‘false’.

And there we have it!  A blissfully silent chatting experience.  Now….if only EVERYONE would use this feature!  Especially if you’re using Voice in SL, the last thing you want to compete w/ is the click-clack of an avatar typing away!


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