Speechable: Add speech bubbles to your images

I think the title says it all.  Sometimes, the best Web 2.0 sites are the simplest!  Speechable let’s you upload your images and add bubbles to them.  That’s it.  Wham bam, done.

When you’ve finished one, you can either use their embed code to put it in your blog/website or just download it yourself.  I mentioned this site during the Streamathon and a few days later I got an email from Laurie Sullivan.  She shared a blog entry where she used the site to create some images that she plans to use with her students!  Check them out!
Speechable - Do your photos have something to say?

Speechable - Do your photos have something to say?


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  1. Ms. De Santis said:

    I liked this site yet had trouble getting all the text to save (Laurie had the same trouble) – per the vendor, it is a known bug and the fix should be in shortly. For the time being, they suggested over sizing the boxes.
    But better news- I was concerned about some of the gallery photos (I work with some younger students). Ryan will set up a subdomain so your students will only see photos from your district. Since this is not on their site (and works only for education) – contact Ryan at webmaster@speechable.com and he will set up your subdomain.

  2. Karen Ceh said:

    Thanks you so much for sharing this cool Web 2.0 tool. I have a field trip coming up with my students. I always like to snap a few picture to take back to the classroom. My students will have a ball adding text to the photos. What a fun way to initiate discussion about the trip – they won’t even know they are learning!

  3. Alana Eaton-Jacobs said:

    I had no idea something like this existed. I’ll be heading over to sign up for this soon. Like Karen, I go on a lot of field trips and it will be fun to add speech bubbles to the pictures!

  4. Shelli Casner said:

    WOW! I have so many ideas in my head on ways I can use this. I have several bulletin boards in my room with student pictures, by using the speechable tool, I can make my boards more appealing. I can also see using this as a learning tool. Labeling pictures with ther right terminology and the definiation. I will also be able to share this tool with my 9 year old daughter. She has so many projects to do, that maybe she will be able to implement this into one of them.

  5. Doris said:

    Oh we can have fun with this tool in my world cultures class! Students can take their pictures and ask essential questions. I could have partners create a conversation about an issue in a country and have them display their thought process on how to solve the issue. They could also record their “knowledge” about what they learned in the bubbles. This might be more exciting than just writing about what they learned. (The L of KWL)
    Thanks for sharing this site.

  6. Sonja said:

    Thanks for sharing this site. This is a fantastic tool to use in the classroom.

  7. Shawn Salevsky said:

    What aneat application! I can use this in my theatre class to add dialouge tio frozen pictures to help my students write scenes. It so much better than storyboarding.

  8. Dolores said:

    What a great tool to use in the classroom! Thank you so much for taking time to review these sites for use and then letting us know that they exist!

  9. Tricia Sauerwine said:

    Thanks do much for sharing this site. I have some many ideas for ways I could use this and have my 1st graders use this as well. Thanks!

  10. Gina R said:

    I think my 6th grade students would have a ball taking pics and writing on them. I would love to see how creative they could be in adding text to show what they know about a subject we are studying. Thank you for the link!

  11. Tiffany B. said:

    This is such a wonderful idea. We also have robust vocabulary words in our district and this is a great way to help students to remember the definitions. This is a great alternative to writing vocabulary sentences or drawing pictures. My students will love this.

  12. Mary Kuterbach said:

    Thanks for sharing this! It looks like a fun way to let students be creative in non-traditional format.

  13. Amy McCall said:

    This is a great way. I have done this in publisher, but this web2.0 tool looks much easier.

  14. Candace Musawwir said:

    This is a great site! I love the fact that you can add any picture you have from your computer or one you find online. This is a great, simple tool that can be used for digital storytelling or creating a classroom photo album/yearbook.

  15. Julie said:

    I see myself using this on my Lifeskills bulletin board in the hallway! Currently I attach already printed speech bubbles that the kids fill out for each other explaining how they showed that particular lifskill. Speechbubble would make it much more interesting to instead take a picture of the child with a speech bubble on it explaining what they did to show that lifeskill in school. Hmmm…I’ll have to get started on this!

  16. Alison Snyder said:

    I think this tool would be great to use for students to make up stories. I teach second grade and I am thinking that I could use when teaching my students about writing dialogue. They could make up their own comics using themselves as the characters or you could type in the speech bubble and give the picture to the class as a writing prompt. I think my second graders would love to add words to those speech bubbles! What a great find! Thanks!!

  17. Nancy said:

    I agree with Alison, this is a great tool for students to create comic strips or story books with. I think students would love this tool!

  18. Joy said:

    I agree with the comments above — thanks for sharing this neat site! When I was testing it I did seem to have problems every now and then getting my text to save.

  19. Michelle said:

    Thanks for sharing this resource; it’s a great one! There are numerous ways in which I could integrate it into my classroom. The first thing that came to mind was having my students write a picture book where they themselves are the main characters of their own story. Fifth graders would love it! With regard to writing skills students can practice dialogue in an innovative way, making the assignment engaging and motivating. Also, the tool could be used in just about any content area to create a comic strip to illustrate what they have learned. For example, I teach students about the amendments and each year they are asked to illustrate a comic; this program would allow them to do so with more creativity. Technology is very exciting and I love learning new ways to use it with my class. Not to mention incorporating it as an instructional tool is very appealing to students adn makes learning relative!
    Thanks again for sharing this wonderful tool!

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  21. Justin Huyett said:

    This is a great resource to add to my bag of ticks. The students would love adding spech bubbles to pictures and it would make many things more interesting for them. I can envision adding speech bubbles to the painting of Washington crossing the Delaware. This will give the painting more meaning to the students. Can’t wait to try it.

  22. Tara Kramer said:

    I am really excited to use this site. I’m thinking about my students taking picture and using this site to create a story board or a comic strip. They are going to love it!

  23. Dave Ickowski said:

    Thank you for sharing this web resource! This is a great tool to help motivate students who may need different forums for writing. Pictures that have been taken on a field trip can be used with speechable to create an excellent review activity. Student can also use digital cameras to take pictures of themselves acting out various historical events and then add speech bubbles to make dialogue for their acting.

  24. Pam Moran said:

    Thank you for sharing this software idea. It is unlike anything I have ever used before. I think that I can use this as a creative writing tool with my young elementary students.

  25. Jody Hollister said:

    This is a great idea! I teach an SAT prep course, and this would be a wonderful tool to have my students give me visual representations for vocabulary!

  26. Keith said:

    As an art teacher I can see some very creative art projects that can be developed. Thanks. These web 2.0 tools are really cool.

  27. Lori Woodward said:

    This will be a fun app for my students to use as they make their “Digital Yearbook” at the end of the year. Hope I can integrate it for them and that it all works out as well as it looks like it can!

  28. Andy Cummings said:

    This looks like a useful tool to use in the classroom. It seems like it is easy to work with, which will be good for the students. I teach a 7th grade history class and I am always looking for ways to incorporate pictures (and other visuals) into my activities. I will definitely have to check this out. Thanks for sharing!

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  30. Rebecca Drazdowski said:

    This is the first time I have seen this tool and I will be sure to tell my fellow teacher’s about it. I think it will add a lot to photostory and creative stories for elementary students.

  31. Ellen Zelinske said:

    What a neat tool to use with students in the classroom. I use photos a lot in my classroom throughout the year and then compile a memory book for the students. This tool would work great to involve my students in writing captions for pictures. I also like to provide photos of the children’s activities and then have my students use them as writing prompts. I think this tool would encourage students to want to write. I can’t wait to work with it a little more.

  32. Beth Ravier said:

    This is a really neat tool to use in a multitude of ways. Studnents would really enjoy writing the text to share about their pictures. I can’t wait to envestigate further! Thanks for sharing!

  33. Katy Linsky said:

    This is a great resource! I did an activity with my 5th graders on adding captions and putting a story to a picture. This would be a great addition to that project and it would allow them to add the picture with the bubbles to their story. I can’t wait to give it a go myself! Thanks!

  34. Camille Blair said:

    Thanks for sharing! This is a great resource and looks like fun for my HS students and well as for my FCCLA group. They are putting together a presentation for my graduating seniors and I think would enjoy using Speechable for the photos. TX!

  35. fivefingers said:

    They are putting together a presentation for my graduating seniors and I think would enjoy using Speechable for the photos.

  36. save fuel said:

    My students will have a ball adding text to the photos. What a fun way to initiate discussion about the trip – they won’t even know they are learning!

  37. how to grow taller 4 idiots said:

    I can also see using this as a learning tool. Labeling pictures with ther right terminology and the definiation. I will also be able to share this tool with my 9 year old daughter. She has so many projects to do, that maybe she will be able to implement this into one of them.

  38. Dennis Klaustermeyer said:

    What a great way to add the ability for students to add their own special touch to a photo that might have been taken of them or to spice up a project that they are working on. I could easily see our elementary teachers using this with our elementary students to teach creativity. It somewhat reminds me of Kerpoof Studio (www.kerpoof.com) which is run by Disney which allows students to be creative. I will be passing this on to our entire staff for them to utilize in the classroom. Thanks!

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