Gentle Reminder – October 6th

Always wanted to attend a Book Group, but just were never able to find the time, location, group?  Here’s an opportunity for you to join this virtual Book Group from the comfort of your own home!

Join Beth and Laelia for ‘Book Talk: Brain Rules’, a weekly (every Monday) gathering for the month of October as we discuss, share, and debate the merits of John Medina’s ‘Brain Rules’.  This evening we will cover chapters 1 – 3.  Taken from the Brain Rules website ( “Most of us have no idea what’s really going on inside our heads. Yet brain scientists have uncovered details every business leader, parent, and teacher should know—like the need for physical activity to get your brain working its best. How do we learn? What exactly do sleep and stress do to our brains? Why is multi-tasking a myth? Why is it so easy to forget—and so important to repeat new knowledge?”  Join us as we explore in depth the concepts in each chapter and how we can change what we do in our schools and in our classes to enable our students to learn better. 


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  1. Belinda Rippon said:

    I just spent the last hour checking out the brainrules website. Wow, what a great resource for teachers and staff developers. I am a facilitator for staff development for my division and I will definitely be using some of the information from this website. I can’t wait for the virtual book club. What time is it tonight?

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