Discovery Education Virtual Conference


The team at Discovery Education is always bringing the latest and greatest trends of educational technology to educators everywhere. One of the biggest issues facing classroom teachers today is…LACK OF TIME! Technology is out there, and we do our best to bring it into the classroom. Ideally, we can attend a conference that will allow us to see some of these best practices for ourselves.

With budget cuts looming overhead, it’s nice to know that DE has once again thought of a way to get the information out! That’s right, time again for another Virtual Conference– the geniuses that make up DE are bringing the conference to you.

What’s a virtual conference? Just imagine… Saturday morning:you, your favorite comfy pj’s, a cup of coffee, and a computer. That’s it! No sub for your kids, no hotel reservations, and no racing across a lobby to reach your next session. Attend when you can from the comfort of your own home. Or better yet, team up with some friends and attend together on one computer. And for those schools with innovative and supportive leaders, why not meet up in a classroom and turn on that projector with your grade level or department folks?

Of course, you will need to register- and that’s free, too.

Registration opens on Friday, October 10th. If you’d like to see what’s on tap for the Virtual Conference, see the National Blog here. Can’t make the Virtual Conference, but curious about other professional development opportunities to learn from the Discovery Ed team? Read more about webinars!

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