Who will be Central’s “KING/QUEEN CRAB?”


The DENliest Catch promotion is underway, and to make things more interesting, we will be having a competition between the Central STARs.  We will be awarding the title of “KING/QUEEN CRAB” to the STAR who recruits the most STARs between now and December 1st.  In addition to bragging rights, the “KING/QUEEN CRAB” (yes, it has to be in quotes and all caps) will receive a “KING/QUEEN CRAB” t-shirt…and yes…a crown!  Happy fishing!


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  1. ldaughrity said:

    I look forward to getting that shirt in the mail and wearing it to my next conference… Hmmmm. I guess that would be TCEA. Look for me, I’ll be in that!

    Lea Anne

  2. njwalter said:

    Go Justin,
    You made a haul up here in Minot at the Face 2 Face. I finished my requirements in that 48 hour window you challenged us to. I’ll be out recruiting. Good Luck.

  3. Justin said:

    Way to go Judy! Glad to have you join us. It was very nice meeting you in Minot!

  4. Charity Nix said:

    To all the “Queens” out there…Good Luck! I was registered within 36 hours of Face to Face in Minot and have encouraged others to be a STAR as well. I have never had crown and would love a “Queen Crab” one! Thanks for the great information in Minot Justin! It was nice to meet you!

  5. Justin Karkow said:

    WATCH OUT CENTRAL!! North Dakota is on the move! It was great meeting you as well, Charity. Thanks for all that you are doing up there!

  6. Charlotte Solorio said:

    Did I miss the announcement about the winning region????

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