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    • How objective and spin-free is our news? There is much conjecture that media spin is damaging the relationship newspapers have with their audience, with a recent UK survey indicating that just 43% of the population trust newspapers. With the armies of Communication Directors, PR professionals, lobby groups and political parties battling the press with dizzying budgets and ready-made press releases, is the truth getting through?
    • With this problem in mind, a new online tool called “SpinSpotter” has been launched. It promises to – once it is fully launched and out of beta testing – scan articles and expose bias, misreporting and spin in the news online, for example a political piece that gives a one sided story or uses colourful language that exaggerates the facts.
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    • Javascript bookmarklet that copies a piece of any screen into a web image
      Bookmarklet en javascript que copia un trozo de cualquier pantalla en una imagen web

      – post by chanio

    • About

      “kwout” is a way you quote a part of a web page as an image with an image map.

      To use this service, all you need is to add our bookmarklet to your favorite browser.

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      • New applications and programs are being released over the Internet everyday. As a parent or guardian it might seem impossible to keep up with all of the programs that your kids are using—the good news is you don’t need to! Understanding what programs your children are using is not nearly as important as understanding why they are using them. And no matter how the technology has changed, children today really aren’t behaving any differently than their predecessors. A few examples:

        • Do you remember slam books? Those trendy little journals let kids comment on each others’ appearance and behavior under the radar of adults. Today, kids are using the message boards on social networking sites such as Facebook and MySpace to accomplish the same thing.
        • Have you ever received a chain letter?Been the victim of a pyramid scheme?Spam and scams sent through e-mail, IM, or text messages may be attempting to trick your children into revealing sensitive personal or financial information.
        • Were you curious about sex? One factor that has remained consistent among children of all generations is curiosity about sex. However, the access that the Internet has given children to adult material surpasses anything previously available.
        • Were you ever tempted to shoplift? Downloading copyrighted materials without permission is the equivalent of shoplifting.

        Discussing these new technologies with your children and the responsibilities associated with using them is a good way to make your point without sounding old fashioned. You actually can relate!

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