New Teacher Survival Central, has launched!

Discovery Education has joined forces with Walden University, mimio, Adobe Systems, Inc., Elmer’s Products, Inc., and CDW-G to launch New Teacher Survival Central, a new website featuring a robust array of classroom tools designed to welcome and support educators new to the teaching profession.

Offering tips, tricks, tools, and practical suggestions for easing entry into the teaching field, educators will find valuable essentials such as classroom management techniques, ideas for connecting classroom activities to the curriculum, lesson plans, peer-networking resources, tools to create engaging learning centers, and more.

In the Technology 101 area of the website, educators can access concise, practical information on how educational technologies promote student engagement in learning and what tools are available for use in the classroom. Free K-12 student resources are highlighted for teachers in the Tech Tools for Students section of the site. With a variety of interactive games, virtual labs and lessons, new educators have access to a broad collection of quality tools that can help engage students across the curriculum.

Another section of the website, Homeroom Headquarters, allows educators to access information on the art of classroom management. Featuring actionable advice on creating a positive classroom environment, communicating with parents and managing students, this area of New Teacher Survival Central provides educators with tips and guidelines to help them run a classroom smoothly and efficiently. New educators also will find powerful videos covering a broad array of topics such as lesson planning, community and parental involvement, and using technology effectively.

In Survival Tool Kit: Best of the Web, useful websites for teachers are collected in one place. Highlighting the blogs, tutorials, curricular resources, and educational media outlets veteran teachers rely on each day, the Best of the Web provides a great library of Internet tools to both new and seasoned educators alike.

“Teaching is among the most demanding professions in the world,” said Scott Kinney, Discovery Education Vice President of Outreach and Professional Development. “New Teacher Survival Central provides new teachers a large assortment of valuable tools that will allow for immediate impact while furthering their professional development. I wish I had had access to these tools at my first position in the Sharpsville School District.”

In addition, New Teacher Survival Central is offering $50,000 in weekly prizes until January 31, 2009. One first-year educator will be chosen from all entries to win a grand prize package that includes five mimio interactive systems, 10 copies of Adobe Systems’ Photoshop Elements and Premiere Elements Bundle, a color laser printer from CDW-G, a $2,000 Elmer’s Products’ Creativity Collection, and $5,000 in multimedia from Discovery Education. Veteran teachers are encouraged to spread the word to new teachers because the educator who refers the winner will win a $1,500 Elmer’s Creativity Collection and $5,000 from Discovery Education. New educators are encouraged to enter every week to improve their chance of winning.

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