Election Day Tidbits


Hi Stars…..This is my first blog for DEN and I am thrilled to be a part of the DEN LC.  Maybe I will be able to share a few  new sites with you this month. As a classroom teacher…I am always looking for interactive sites for my students that relate to our area of study. Sooooo…..


With Election Day 2008 just around the corner, we have found this interactive site interesting.


The site allows students to upload a photo and produce their own presidential advertisements.


provides powerpoints that covers topics from government to the election process. 

Don’t forget NC Wise Owl also has some wonderful resources. Please share with us any great sites you have found lately.


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  1. Nicole Gray said:

    Deb…Great Post – NC has the BEST LC DEN Blogging Team!!

  2. Deb Bolinger said:

    Judy ,
    Thank you for sharing. Our students are voting next week. We are actually electing a book to go to Washington.We are holiding the primary this week and then the general election next week. The wining book is going to Washinton in Jan. with a teacher that will be there. The teacher will send a podcast and take a picture at the White House.

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