It's a Wrap – Going Green 102: Green Schools



It was a beautiful Autumn afternoon at the DEN in SL garden. We sat around a campfire on haystacks and listened to Faythe Fouroux (aka Melanie Ruiz) give an informative presentation on how we as educators, can be role models for helping to reduce our carbon footprint and help create green classrooms and schools. Ideas included turning off lights, recycling crayons, pencils and paper, and changing how we get to school whether it be hybrid cars, car pooling, or walking.  Faythe shared a notecard filled with websites like Planet Green and Carbon footprint calculators to help us learn more about why we need to be conscious of conserving energy and being more green.  Look for the notecard and her slideshow in our google group files section. And of course teleport over to some Green places in SL like Etopia at and Faythe’s own The Going Green Store




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