STAR DE + Keynote + DEN Virtual Conference = Jennifer Dorman

Our own STAR Discovery Educator Jennifer Dorman, aka Cliotech, delivers the DEN Virtual Conference Keynote on Saturday, October 25, 2008. Her address, Powering Your Professional Learning Networks, is a presentation I was fortunate to see in a shorter version this summer at the DEN Leadership Council National Conference at Discovery Headquarters in Silver Springs, MD. Life is always a learning curve around Dorman, so I absorbed what she had to offer–more than I can usually keep up with–and came back to school prepared to help my students create their own personal and professional learning networks.

One of the accounts that I created during that week of interactive–and yes, intensive learning–was a UstreamTV channel. If you want to take a look at Dorman’s UstreamTV broadcast, Meebo Backchannel Chat, and SlideShare presentations, check out Dig Deeper with Diigo. And please join us for a Day of Discovery at the Second Annual DEN Virtual Conference in Harrisburg, or virtually. Hope to see you there.

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