Tech or Treat! A webinar STAR’ing…. You?

We host quite a few webinars.  Yes, I know, that’s the understatement of the century.  But what we’d really like is to put YOU in the spotlight!  That’s why we’ve scheduled several “Sharing with the STARs” webinars and spread them throughout the course of the year.  The first one is scheduled for next Tuesday, October 28th at 7pm Eastern.  This webinar, titled “Tech or Treat” will feature 3-4 STAR Discovery Educators who have a website, classroom integration strategy, project, or passion of theirs and want to share it with the DEN!

Of course, we can’t hold a webinar named “Tech or Treat” without throwing in a touch of Halloween, so bonus points for making presentations that are spooky and/or festive  in nature.  All attendees should plan to share in the chat room what costume they’re wearing 😉

Click here to register to attend this special webinar!

If you’d like to PRESENT at this or future webinars, please fill out the form here.


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