Thank You Wichita!

dsc05426.JPGCurtis Middle School was hopping on Saturday!  50 educators representing a number of schools and specialties showed up bright and early…ready to roll.  Our group of “pioneers” made a courageous journey into unfamiliar territory, dodging “cow patties” and having a lot of fun along the way.  We shared ideas about how to make sure our students are benefitting from great resources like digital stories, multimedia presentations, the builders and many more!  A huge thanks to Edie Howk, Denise Van Horn, Dean Mantz and Erin Misegadis for your WONDERFUL presentations, and also to Jim Clark for all of the work that you did behind the scenes!  Also, thanks to all of the educators for all of your ideas and questions!  As promised, here are the presentations that we shared with you this weekend.  You will also find these files and more on the USD 259 technology site:  Please feel free to dwonload any/all of these ideas, and be sure to leave us a comment while you are here.  Thanks!

50 Ways to Integrate streaming


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