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As promised, here is Bernie Dodge’s EdTechConnect webinar, entitled Webquests and Web 2.0.


The WebQuest model has been around since ancient times: 1995. The web has fundamentally changed since then with the invention of blogs, wikis, podcasts and social tools of every stripe. Has the model kept up, or are WebQuests a relic of the 20th century? In this webinar Bernie Dodge will describe how WebQuests and Web 2.0 go together like chocolate and peanut butter. He’ll show examples of how the latest web-based tools can be embedded in a solid pedagogical structure to make a good lesson great.

Download the presentation in high-resolution (99mb)

Flash Version coming soon.

If you enjoyed this webinar,  don’t forget to join us for both the Fall Virtual Conference and our first Discovery Connect of the year, featuring Major Max Moga from the Military Channel!  Discovery Connect is designed for you to enjoy WITH your students, to connect them with the very same people they see on television at home.


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  1. Gail Barna said:

    I was unable to view the Bernie Dodge archive. Any suggestions? I would love to have my graduate students listen to Bernie. He’s wonderful. I had the pleasure of hearing him speak in Philadelphia a few years ago.

  2. office space for rent said:

    What a wonderful short article. I cant believe how much the web has changes in even the past 5 years. Websites have been around long enough that if you looked at the same site 5 years ago you wouldnt even recognize it. Great article.

  3. koki said:

    it`s a nice article , but i want to know more information about webinar

  4. bruce smith said:

    Can anyone reading this point me to a source for a WebQuest titled:
    “Social Justice Faces: Take a Stand Against Hate!” I am totally stuck and reaching a deadline. The WebQuest search function is down so I’m fishing in unknown waters. Any help is appreciated!

    Thank You!
    Bruce Smith
    Louisville, KY

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  6. SLPRB Assam said:

    Indeed, this webinar was awesome than required. But, one thing, do you seriously think that anyone will be left with the doubt even after watching this superb webinar available on the internet?

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