Here's a Challenge for You

If you’re a STAR DEN educator you have access to a *FREE* blog on the Discovery Educator Network….uh, you did know that didn’t you?  Well, if not, now you do! LOL

Steve Dembo has decided to put together a ‘Be a Better Blogger in Just 30 Days’ challenge and I would STRONGLY encourage all the NY STAR DENers to participate.  If you’ve got a DEN blog, here’s your chance to REALLY make it stand out.  If you’re a STAR DENer and haven’t started a blog yet then here’s you opportunity to do so.

Let’s support each other in this challenge.  If you plan on participating, please list your blog in the Comments area below.  I’ll put myself out there…here’s mine:  Just in Time Tech.  Check it out now, and watch it evolve with the guidance of Steve during the month of November.

Hope to see you in the blogosphere!


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  1. Christine Southard said:

    I’m really enjoying the blog challenge! I have learned so much these past few weeks and I’m feeling very connected to my online public learning network. Thanks for sharing this with the NY DEN. I wonder if there are any other NY DEN members participating in the challenge?

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